St. Gianna’s Center for Women’s Health and FertilityCare™ Education Program offers courses for those who are interested in becoming a Practitioner in the Creighton Model. This Education Program requires some college experience before applying for the course. This course is offered on a Master’s level and requires a formidable time commitment. Those who are accepted into the program are required to attend a 9 day, total immersion course. Once that is successfully completed, the applicant then becomes an Intern and serves a six month internship. During those six months, there are assignments to complete and each Intern must have follow up sessions with a minimum of six clients

This is followed by a 7 day total immersion during which the advanced techniques are taught. The Interns then serve another six month time frame in which they must teach a minimum of six more clients. After they have 12 clients, there is an On Site Visit in which the Educator attends one of the Interns Introductory Sessions and one of their follow ups. It is at that time that the Educator will review all of the Interns charts. After the On Site visit, the Intern must teach another six clients. Once the Intern has a total of 18 clients and has successfully completed all of the assignments, they then sit for a 6 hour final national exam. On successful completion of this exam, the Intern becomes a Practitioner; they are then eligible to apply for certification with the American Academy of FertilityCare™ Professionals, which is our Professional Organization.

If you are interested in becoming a FertilityCare Practitioner St. Gianna’s Center, please contact Diane Hale, RN, CFCE at the center (727)-798-2340 to receive more information.

Next Level One Course to be announced.