Is charting with the Creighton Model necessary to use NaProTechnology for a health concern?
Yes, the information gathered from a woman’s Creighton chart is essential to the proper application of NaProTechnology. The Creighton charting system allows proper timing of diagnostic tests such as blood hormone testing. This is why we ask all women (including those familiar with NFP or using an alternate charting method) to learn the Creighton Model prior to their visit with the Medical Consultant.
When do I contact my FertilityCare Practitioner once I am done with the follow-ups?
Call your FertilityCare Practitioner anytime you have a question or a health concern or a change in your reproductive health (such as a pregnancy, miscarriage, change in the nature of your cycles). You also need to call your FertilityCare Practitioner when you need new charting materials.