The Huebners

The Huebners

“Before we were married, we both had doubts about the effectiveness of Natural Family Planning. We are grateful for the modern scientific method taught by the Creighton Model FertilityCare system. It gives us a natural, safe, and effective method to plan our family. The best part is the amazing effect it has on our marriage by improving our communication, as well as giving us an intimacy in our relationship that people told us was not possible. We can’t believe where we are today compared to where we were four years ago. As an added benefit when faced with infertility, the Creighton Model gave us a highly researched, moral, healthy solution to the treatment of infertility. Today we are blessed with two beautiful children and four years ago we were struggling with one of the hardest things a married couple can face, infertility.”

-Rick & Carrie Huebner

Success Stories: Meet Dominic

Success Stories: Meet Dominic


My husband and I were very excited to find out we were expecting our first baby! Unfortunately, we had a miscarriage, which was one of the hardest things I have been through, We named the baby Gabriel Michael. Through charting and taking blood tests we discovered that I had low progesterone. We quickly joined the progesterone support group through the Pope Paul VI Institute.  Our amazing instructor, Diane Hale, helped us through the entire process. I started receiving the natural bio-identical progesterone injections in order for my own progesterone to increase. Every two weeks I took a blood test to check my levels. Four months later I became pregnant again! I used the progesterone throughout my pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy- Dominic Stephen- on November 12, 2009. We are so thankful, first of all, to God.  Secondly, I would like to thank Dr. Hilgers and the staff of the PPVI Institute for this wonderful program. I don’t know what we would have done without it. After having the miscarriage I felt like I could relate to so many others who have lost a child in that way.  Now, I share with others how the Creighton Model system works and how it is a great way to monitor, maintain, and evaluate one’s gynecologic and procreative health- naturally and morally.  I am now a FertilityCare Practitioner Intern.  My husband and I are enjoying being parents. We hope to have more children in the future. -Francesca

Success Stories: Meet Aiden

Success Stories: Meet Aiden

In 2008, my husband and I were told that our only way to conceive a pregnancy would be through artificial means.  We were so devastated by this news and I cried and cried.  Then we sought out the help of the Creighton Model to help us in achieving a pregnancy through natural means.  After five months of charting, we were blessed with the miracle of baby Aidan.  About nine months later, I found myself crying for a different reason, this time from the joy of our newborn son!

Success Stories: Meet Stevie

Success Stories: Meet Stevie


My husband and I have been proponents of the Creighton method since learning it as a couple during our engagement. We have since recommended the method to family, friends and coworkers. We love the fact that we are able to work with our natural fertility, thereby avoiding synthetic contraceptives and staying true to our faith in God as the author of Life. When we did conceive I was able to maintain the pregnancy because of the bio-identical progesterone prescribed by the Pope Paul IV Institute. Thanks to the help of Diane Hale and Dr. Gramlich, the child that we dreamed of and prayed for is now a blessed reality. -Sabrina