What type of technology does St Gianna’s Center use?
NaPro TECHNOLOGY, which stands for Natural Procreative Technology or NPT. NPT is a new way to approach women’s reproductive health which uses the information from the patient’s Creighton Model chart to direct diagnosis and treatment.
What exactly is the Creighton Model?
It is a chart system to diagnose and track women’s reproductive health. With the Creighton Model and NaPro TECHNOLOGY, it is possible to do accurate timed hormonal testing, which is invaluable in evaluating women’s health problems.
Will fertility be suppressed or reduced?
No, fertility is never suppressed or destroyed. Only bioidentical hormones are used (if necessary) in the correct part of a woman’s cycle to correct hormonal insufficiency if present.
What type of training does a medical professional go through to be certified in NPT?
Medical doctors must go through a six month program developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers and colleagues at the Pope Paul VI Institute. The program goes into more detail than traditional medical training and is geared toward family planning and the science behind those methods. Fertility care Practitioners are trained locally through a 13 month education program offered here at our center.