Authentic is a powerful word. The definition for authentic is: “Of undisputed origin, genuine.”  “Real or genuine: not copied or false.

What is the meaning of being authentic:

To be true to values and spirit, regardless of the pressure you are under to act otherwise.

The Creighton Model is a perfect example of authenticity. This method has been developed by Dr. Thomas Hilgers in answer to the Encyclical: Humane Vitae. After reading the Encyclical, Dr. Hilgers devoted his entire professional life to the truths of Humanae Vitae. Since July 25, 1968, Dr. Hilgers, his wife Sue, Diane Daly, and Ann Prebil (now deceased) have developed the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. Through their dedication and research, they have developed this authentic language of the female fertility, and it is a beautiful new language.

The authenticity of this program and the integrity of the knowledge it shares is maintained by continual research. Everything that we teach as the authentic language of the female fertility has been well researched. We who are Practitioners and Medical Consultants, offer authentic solutions for women/couples who are challenged by: PMS, Polycystic Ovaries, Painful Periods, Miscarriages Irregular bleeding, Natural way of spacing children, Infertility and Post Partum Depression.

This information is a gynecological “dream come true!” It brings about a deep appreciation for the invaluable gift of fertility!

The one area that is the least well known is the positive effects that this system can offer many women with Post Partum Depression (PPD). Post Partum Depression in the subject of continued research at the St. Paul VI Institute.

In a recent study, there were thirty patients suffering with PPD. In these women, the most common symptoms included: depression, fatigue, crying, anxiety, helplessness, strange thoughts poor appetite, night sweats and a shaky feeling. These thirty women underwent treatment with Progesterone, either by injection, by pill or by vaginal suppositories. Amazingly, twenty-six of these women, (87.6 %) had a marked improvement of their symptoms. Three (30%) of the thirty women had a moderate improvement and only one (3.3%) had no improvement. Yet, in current literature, progesterone therapy is, for the most part, not mentioned.

The study found that the more quickly the patient with PPD is treated with Progesterone, the more quickly the patients realize the satisfactory results.

This is only one of the many areas that Dr. Hilgers,et al, have and continue to study. He wants every woman, every couple, to have the ability to speak this beautiful language of female fertility and to develop a deeper appreciation of their fertility.

In my humble opinion, every woman/couple  should benefit from this tremendous work of the Creighton Model. In my 36 years as a Practitioner, there are countless “miracles” that I have had the privilege to witness!

Dr. Hilgers has a dream and Dear God, I pray that that dream will come true! A verse from Dr. Hilgers’ favorite song by Elvis Presley says it all: 

            Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question.

            Still, I am sure that the answer is going to come somehow,

            Out in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle.

            And while I can think

                      While I can talk

                       While I can stand

                        While I can walk

                               While I can dream…

            Please let my dream come true, right now

                                    LET IT COME TRUE right now!

Thank you for helping this dream to come true!

Diane Hale, RN, CFCE

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