April is such a glorious month!

Wishing you a belated Holy, Happy Easter.

It is so fitting that we celebrate the Feast of St. Gianna so soon after Easter. (April 28th)

God gave us such a powerful example in Jesus, of how we should try to live our lives. St. Gianna did just that. In every way her humanity would allow, she tried to emulate Jesus. She loved life and she shared that love with everyone, her immediate family, her Church community, and her patients. She gave everything that she could and then a little more. She sacrificed her own life so that her baby could live. She had such a close and prayerful relationship with God that she was able to make these sacrifices seem effortless. How glorious that her daughter, son, and husband were present at her Beatification! How astonishing that someone so ordinary by doing “extra” became extraordinary! It is an honor beyond measure to be a part of a Center bearing her name and extending her generous heart.

St. Gianna knew the sanctity of life and she sacrificed her own to give life to her baby. In today’s world of confusion, that knowledge and commitment is so rare.

One historical event that proves the value of human life happened 38 years ago when an ordinary 18-month-old girl named Jessica fell in a well on her Aunt’s property. This well was twenty-two feet deep and only eight inches in diameter. The immediate thought was that there was not a chance in this world that she could be safely rescued. The well would surely cave in on her. It was October and it was cold. The rescuers could hear her and talked to her as much as possible. Great minds came together to formulate a plan to get her out. Prayers were said around the entire world for this innocent little girl, who at times, was heard singing “Winnie the Poo” to console herself. For 56 hours, many people worked at the site of the well and people around the world were frozen at their TVs to see if a miracle would happen. Eventually, heavy machinery was brought in and the newest technology put into place to dig a hole a safe distance from where Baby Jessica was and ultimately a tunnel was carefully created between the well and the new hole and Baby Jessica was hoisted out of that hole to the screams and cheering from the site, from the football stadium nearby, from all of Texas and from around the entire world!  Jubilation for this little life, saved from certain death. She had a head wound and had to have one toe amputated but she was alive!

Believe me when I tell you that there was not a dry eye anywhere. One tiny 18-month-old had the people of the world praying for her. Without any more than a toddler’s innocence, and a Winnie the Poo song, Baby Jessica proved how important every single life truly is…it is worth the world’s involvement!

 Today, Baby Jessica is a married woman and is a preschool teacher. She shares her love and knowledge with the innocent and invaluable little ones in her area. If it were not for all those prayers and that miraculous rescue 38 years before, how many lives would have been deprived of the love of Baby Jessica?

Christ lives so that we can live.

My heart swells when I think of how many treasured lives have touched mine and of how many cherished moments I have been given!

My goodness! Thank you!  Your generous prayers and donations have kept our doors open so that we can do this work. You, too, are a priceless treasure.

 Please continue to keep us in prayer and know that you are a special part of my prayers.

St Gianna and your precious husband, Pietro, Pray for us.

 –Diane Hale, RN, CFCE

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