March is a magnificent month! It is named after Mars, the Roman god of war. During March, winter begins to turn its cheek and we anticipate warm(er) days, longer days, and a rebirth of every kind! 

Monday, March 8th begins daylight savings time. . .so we will “Spring” forward!

March 19th brings about the March equinox in our Northern Hemisphere. The sun will stand directly over the Earth’s equator and Spring becomes official. Sandwiched between these two events comes the spectacularly green celebrations associated with St. Patrick’s Day!

It is also in this magnificent month of March that we celebrate Lent. Interestingly the word Lent is a shortened version of an Old English word “Lencten” which simply means Spring. . .a season where the days begin to lengthen signifying new life and renewal. Lent is a time for us to renew our relationship to God, to dust off bad habits that separate us from our Heavenly Father, and to let the new life spring brings inspire us.

March allows us more daylight and more time for reflection. It brings hope into our lives both visually and spiritually. New beauty awakens all around us. We can do some introspection; our hearts and souls will also be given the chance for rebirth and new beauty.

The staff of our St. Gianna’s Center is also taking the time for introspection and reflection. We are experiencing new hope for our Mission to grow and expand our services to more women and couples. The divine image of God is present in every person and that image shines forth in the communion of those persons. We are more than grateful to each and all of you for supporting these efforts to grow!

In the beginning or the end
 gifts will it send!