Here we are in the Fall of 2023! Where has this year gone? I remember my Grandmother telling me that the only thing that slows time is a bad time. Well, I must be having the best time of my life every minute of every day! I certainly do have memories of bad or sad times when I thought that they would never end; obviously, they did and now I am holding on for dear life as the minutes, hours and days just zoom by.

There was the time when as a young mother of six (at that time) I dealt with the chicken pox epidemic. One child fell ill with it. The doctor advised me that they would all get it, and boy was she right! BUT they did not all get it at the same time; NO, in fact, they fell victim to it, one at a time, every two weeks! It seemed like cruel and unusual punishment at that time. It felt like, at least, a year before everyone was well once again!

We want life to be joyous at all times. We want miracles instantly. When joy is not every moment and miracles are not instant, we tend to miss the miraculous joy of every moment.

One of our clients had her baby daughter prematurely at 24 weeks. We all prayed for the life of this precious baby and for her Mom. The medical world had little to no hope for the survival of the baby; she weighed just a little over one pound. Mom recovered nicely. The long journey, with time seemingly standing still began before Mom was released from the hospital. Both Mom and Dad stood vigil over their tiny daughter and prayed for her survival. The medical staff continued to prepare them for the inevitable. “Nothing short of a miracle” was going to allow this baby to live. They were even advised to remove the baby from life support and let her go. We can only try to imagine how every minute became agonizing: every minute must have felt like a year. How earnestly they wanted that miracle to happen instantaneously. This precious life was born on October 14, 2021. The ensuing months became a year and the baby had to be transferred to another State where she could get more advanced care. Mom and Dad were there every possible minute making many, many trips by plane and by car. They prayed, we prayed for that miracle! Finally, the miracle for which we prayed came to be. Savannah finally came home on December 22, 2022! For 14 months her parents longed for that day and miraculously it came! Those 14 months must have felt like a century to her parents. What none of us know is just how many breaths Savannah took during that time. . .each breath was and is a miracle. The miracle(s) were instantaneous and ongoing! We give God great thanks for all of those miracles!

On a personal note, it has been my ongoing prayer for the miracle of our St. Gianna Center to become financially stable, to thrive and to go on long after I am unable to do this wondrous work. I do realize that because of your prayerful and financial generosity, we have been experiencing that miracle daily. Hundreds and hundreds of women/couples have been enriched and blessed by the truth and technology of the Creighton Model. This is a feat that I could never have accomplished without you and your support.

Know that God and I have that conversation several times a day. I thank Him for allowing me to share this knowledge and I thank Him for sending you to support this mission! God is certainly good all the time and His miracles are always happening.

Enjoy this wonderful season of Fall.