“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” is a quote from Anne Frank. This from a girl of about 13 years old, being held in a concentration camp during World War II. Most of us, in much better circumstances, can only complain about our lot in life.

Anne Frank also said, “Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

The meteorological beginning of Spring begins on March first in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring is a new beginning in all of nature.

The two quotes from Anne Frank are, in a way, so true for our St. Gianna Center and all of our struggles to remain a functioning entity: providing natural solutions for women’s health concerns. Our services do “improve the world” because these services have helped to improve the health of countless women. In many cases, this work has helped to improve the strength of marriages because the couple works with each other and collaborates with us to “fix” hormonal issues and that, in turn, deepens the tenderness and respect of the couple one for the other. It helps them to more deeply respect the profound gift that they each have to give to the other: their fertility.

These past two years, we have been asking for your prayerful and financial support as we were transitioning to expand our services in the Tampa Bay area. During that time, several options were uncovered but did not come to fruition. Today, it is with immense joy that we can announce a plan that has all of the markings of allowing us to grow and to successfully expand the services of the St. Gianna’s Center for Women’s Health and FertilityCare!

Just as March offers new life in our world, this March is opening the doors of new life for our Center. We are excited to have Mr. Robert B. Sherman as our Center Director! Mr. Sherman is a development executive with experience in the areas of advocacy, program development, fundraising, fund development and much more. He has had positive impacts with other organizations to reach and exceed their short- and long-term goals. Mr. Sherman seems to be the answer to our many prayers.

You will begin to see some of our progress very soon as Mr. Sherman is already at work. He has completed and submitted a grant for a moderate amount of money. If we are awarded that grant, we will be able to train more Practitioners and thus offer the Creighton Model to more women/couples.

As we move forward, we are asking for your continued prayerful and monetary support. Please pray for the success of Mr. Sherman’s efforts to move us forward and know that we will always be grateful for your loyal support of our Center. You were those who did not “wait a single moment to start improving the world.”  You were the “candles that defined and defied the darkness” for us!

Anne Frank also said, “No one has become poor by giving.” 

We continue to pray for all of you and give God great thanks for all the good that you have provided our Center.

We also offer tremendous thanks to Mr. Robert Naberhaus, Chairman of the Board of Directors, for his loyal support and tireless efforts to get us to this positive position!

We join all those who are praying that God will intervene and put a quick end to the war in the Ukraine.

God Bless Us All!