2021 is done. We naturally look back to remember and wonder.  As a world, we embraced 2021 with great hope and expectation. We at the St. Gianna Center did likewise. We were anticipating the possibility of establishing a collegial relationship with a local hospital.  We were realizing increasing success with helping our clients with infertility to realize their deepest prayers were answered.  They prayed to have the privilege of bringing a soul into this world and escorting that soul back to our Creator. Covid continued in 2021 with its challenges.  Despite Covid, we accepted 48 new clients and were extremely happy to have a robust number of our “long term” clients continuing with follow-ups. Some of these clients/couples have been with me for over 20 years. All this equaled over 400 office visits; most of them were conducted via Skype or Zoom. We also were able to conduct an EP I and EP II which gave us 5 new Interns; one of them is Spanish speaking. Two Interns sat for the final exam in November, and we are anxiously awaiting their results.

We were disappointed but not defeated that our hopes for working with the local hospital were not realized. As we enter 2022, we hear God’s word, “ONWARD!”

Two of our families dealt with the unthinkable. They were asked to return the soul of their baby far too early by earthly values. Victoria was 7 months old and never was able to go home from the hospital due to a fatal heart anomaly. She went to her Heavenly home on November 4th. Ashlyn went to her Heavenly home the day before she was born; December 29th. These angels are powerful intercessors for their family and for our Center. They rest in the arms of their Heavenly Father and their whispers to Him will provide the earthly comfort so needed by their earthly parents. To these precious parents, God says, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”  “ONWARD!”

In 2022, we pray for each of our clients, our Interns and our Practitioners; we pray, too for our Board of Directors and our staff and we pray for you, our faithful followers. We pray that God will be with each and all of you in the most powerful way. We thank you for your generous support because, without you, we could not do this work. We continue to pray for the success of the St. Gianna Center.

In this New Year, working together, let’s see what good we can do in 2022!

May we each hear God’s “ONWARD!”

As we enter 2022, we are again filled with hope. We know that this year will be unique and full of things that have never been, prayers to be said and answered and miracles to be granted.