There is so much for which our St. Gianna’s Center is grateful!  Your powerful prayers, kind encouragement, and monetary donations have kept us motivated and fortified.  There are not enough words in all the languages of the world to truly express our gratitude!

Thanks to many of you, we just completed an Education Phase I for three wonderful women.  They will be powerful Interns and ultimately powerful Practitioners.  They have embraced this wondrous work and are running full steam ahead to teach it to as many women/couples as is possible.  They give me great hope for the ongoing existence of our St. Gianna Center.

Another thank you is because of a generous donation that will allow us to purchase a computer to be used at the La Clinica Guadalupana. Now our new Intern from Costa Rica can teach Spanish-speaking women in this area.  This is huge because there are so many women/couples that we have not been able to help because of the language barrier. These couples will be able to pay only a small amount, if any, for this service.  This Intern is willing to accept whatever they can pay because she feels God has called her to this work.  She has three children of her own.

One of the other Interns is working in the Diocese of Venice and is actively working on getting the Creighton Model into the Pre-Cana programs offered by the Diocese. She explained how she attended an Introductory Session and was moved with a feeling that this is something that she wanted to do. . .no other explanation than she felt called by God!   She too is willing to sacrifice income for her services.

The third Intern is a young woman whose profession is as a nurse.  She felt that she was being called to offer, medical services which will honor the dignity of the human person, and which will maintain the moral values of the Catholic Church.  She prayed about it, researched programs, discerned all the information and answered what she feels Is God’s call.  She is thrilled that she can offer medical knowledge which will benefit women/couples for many years.  She, too, could certainly find more lucrative work but is willing to make that sacrifice to do what she feels God is calling her to do.

These three women along with all of your support have shown me that there are three things that each of us can completely give away and still possess.  Those things are our knowledge, our faith, and our love!  The St. Gianna Center allows me to do this daily and it seems that it is contagious! 

We continually give great thanks for each of you, for all who are doing this wondrous work and for all of the wonderful clients who seek out our services.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!