“America, America, God shed His grace on you!!” These words were written by Katherine Lee Bates, a professor, a writer, and poet. She penned them after a sightseeing tour of Pike’s Peak in Colorado in 1893.

Our Annual Meeting of the AAFCP, this July, was in Colorado Springs,Colorado. We were near Pike’s Peak, and it was to my profound delight to be able to attend a marvelous Western show at the foot of Pike’s Peak! There is not a single doubt in my mind that everyone who has the honor of looking out over those majestic mountains and spacious skies would agree with those heart-felt words of Katherine Lee Bates. The powerful and natural beauty is jaw-dropping and breathtaking and awe-inspiring! It truly brought me to tears.

Since returning home, I have pondered this amazing part of our world. It gave me a great pause. Two of my daughters were with me and one of them did the driving. In traveling through the different States, I realized that God has shed His grace on each of them! They all have a unique, awe-inspiring beauty. Amazing!

More thinking brought me to the stunning realization that, because we are each unique and each made in the image and likeness of God, we are more beautiful than any of the other beauty that God has created! Our eyes are blessings because they can behold the splendor and grandeur of our world and our minds are blessings which allow us to contemplate the beauty around us. Our hearts are blessings which allow us to embrace the joy that all of that beauty provides. Our souls. . .are our most valuable blessing. Our souls cause us to want to absorb the joy from all that is beautiful; then our soul is filled with the desire to share all the beauty and all the good of this world with all other souls. Our souls are our source and reason for existence. When God created the world and all its beauty, He wanted to share it. So, He created LOVE. . . He created US! God created us to share with us all the glorious beauty of the universe! He created us to love and to be loved. He, indeed, shares all the glorious beauty of the universe with us. He then gives us the  ability to co-create; even more love with which to share the wonders of this world! There can never be enough souls to absorb all the beauty and love that this God-given world has to give.

Finally, came the revelation that the work that I am honored to do at St. Gianna’s Center is a part of the ongoing process of encountering and embracing God’s splendor and His desire for our soul’s beauty to spill over to other souls. There are never enough souls to accept His love or to enjoy this indescribable beauty that we call life. 

What an unparalleled honor it is to help so many to learn and to respect the supreme gift of our role as co-creators; to help so many to understand the human, biological markers of the gift of fertility and to be able to help them to see when something is medically wrong. Then to be able to refer them to our Medical  Consultants where they can receive natural solutions for those issues.

God is good all of the time and God’s beauty is everywhere. . .look around and look into your own soul. . .it will take your breath away.

As always, I have a never-ending gratitude for each and all of you for supporting this wondrous work. You are God’s work of art personified!