The month of May is our entrance to Summer.  May is filled with marvelous memories and great anticipation of what is to come. In the month of May, we celebrate Mary and Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. There are celebrations of May Day and Cinco de Mayo, family gatherings for Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day cook outs! The month is bubbling over with reasons to remember and to celebrate! There’s something for everyone!

June and the Summer Season follows May and it’s only natural to want to continue the celebrations. June certainly offers those opportunities. We have Father’s Day and Flag Day and the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Many weddings are in the month of June. We vacation or begin planning our Summer Vacations. Weekends take on a whole new meaning in the Summer.

Our St. Gianna’s Center also loves every opportunity to celebrate! Bettering every woman’s health is certainly good reason to celebrate and we are all about doing just that! Working with couples to realize their dream of becoming parents and /or to successfully plan their family is also good reason to celebrate! We are honored to work with women and couples empowering their lives with the wondrous knowledge regarding the supreme gift of fertility!

“Good” is what we desire for every one of you and “good” is God stretched out.  It’s our Mission to share all the good of true Family Planning with all who seek it! Simply put, St. Gianna’s Center and the good that we want to do cannot exist without you!

Please continue to support us and to refer others to us!

Embrace and enjoy every celebration of life during these joy filled months of summer!

(Image of Our Lady and the Child Jesus is detail from a chasuble in the Dominican priory in Toulouse, by Fr. Lawrence Lew. Used with permission, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)