In His image and likeness, He created us! Man and woman, He created us…in His image and likeness. God is ALL things good and He spread that “goodness” through the creation of each one of us! Good is God stretched out! We were created as good and we were created for the purpose of spreading God’s good throughout our world.

God sent us our perfect role model on Christmas day. Through God’s majesty came the miracle of Christmas! God’s son, Jesus, entered the world in the ordinary way of being “born”…of having a birthday! A man, a woman and a baby. Nothing out of the ordinary and yet it is extraordinary!

The son of the God of the universe spent 9 months confined in the safety of His mother’s uterus! It is almost beyond comprehension. Each of us is the image and likeness of God and that means that our birth was extraordinary! That means that each of us is extraordinary…we have each been born from our mother’s uterus to positively impact the universe! Every birth is another image and likeness of God thus every day is a birthday…every day IS Christmas!

The staff and Board of Directors of the St. Gianna’s Center are grateful to each and all of you for so generously helping us to prepare the way for the Lord! You are the reason that we have been able to teach and to touch so many with the information about how extraordinary they are and about the enormity of the gift that they were given on their birthday…the gift of Christmas!

We pray that you will know the embrace of the Christmas angels and that the feeling of that embrace will remain with you throughout the New Year!