nativity stained glass

The year 2020, much anticipated by many and not what was anticipated by any, is coming to an end. Most of us are anxious to see this end. We are hoping and praying that 2021 will be a much different year.

Even with all the fear, sorrow, sadness, disbelief and anxiety that riddled 2020, we must look to the good things that were seemingly lost amid the hubbub. God is with us through each trial. God is found even at the end of our rope! 

There has been so much resilience and equally as much of a renewal of the human spirit during 2020. Selflessness overpowered selfishness. Helplessness was overcome by hope. Fear took a back seat to courage. God Is found where there is good and there is so much more good at the end of 2020 than when it began. Our world has awakened to the need to help one another as brothers and sisters. . .as family! 2020 has brought a newfound respect for life.

Our St. Gianna’s Center has remained open and busy despite all the roadblocks that 2020 placed before us. That is an example of the hope that we, as the human family possess. Our clients want to feel better; some want to achieve a pregnancy, some want to naturally plan their family however, they ALL want to feel better. They are embracing the future with the improvements in their hormonal health that we can provide. The Practitioners from our Program have tackled the barriers and have continued to have virtual appointments with clients even when some of their barriers were very personal. Four of our Practitioners have had new babies during this year! One Practitioner continues to see her clients despite a recurrence of a breast cancer diagnosis. Another of our Practitioners is spending her first Christmas in her Heavenly Home. She continued to see her clients while dealing with a cancer diagnoses and the treatments it required until she simply was no longer able to do so. Our
Medical Consultants are busier than ever diagnosing and treating the clients with their skills in NaProTechnology. The need is huge and sometimes overwhelming, but they persevere in going above and beyond because they have huge hearts and a desire to help. 

This truth, this technology is wanted and needed, and we are all doing our best to provide it for all who seek it. We have all learned how to work virtually which is not such an easy task for some of us! When good is sought, God shows us the way to find it and to share it. 

We are grateful for your support of this work throughout the year of 2020!

Let us celebrate this Christmas as if it were our first Christmas!
Let us celebrate this Christmas as if it were our last Christmas!
Let us celebrate this Christmas as if it were our only Christmas!

Photo by Long Thien via Flickr. Some rights reserved.