It seems so impossible that we can already be in the month of February of this new year!

Coming just after January, which is a month of new beginnings, comes February which means to purify. Even though it is the shortest month of our year, February is packed with events.  The first Sunday in February is Super Bowl Sunday and because of that, February is National Snack Food month!  By far, the most famous day in February is St. Valentine’s Day.

St. Valentine’s Day is all about love; it is the day that we think about all of those that we love. . .even our pets.  We often acknowledge our love with a gift of some kind. Our love is one of three things,  the other two being our knowledge and our faith, that we can completely give away and still completely have.

It is those three things (love, knowledge and faith) that our St. Gianna’s Center provides for every one of our clients. We offer an empowering approach to women’s reproductive health care that is safe from side effects, life-affirming, cost-effective and clinically researched and proven! We offer options for couples who wish to achieve OR to avoid a pregnancy as well as to women suffering with hormonal imbalances;  each option comes with physical, emotional, ethical and financial considerations.

St. Gianna’s Center works toward improving women’s health issues with natural solutions. This work has a life-long powerful impact on so many.  A recent phone call began with a name and “I don’t know if you remember me, I was one of your clients 27 years ago.” The conversation went on to reveal that after coming to our Center, this couple married, the husband converted to Catholicism, they had two planned pregnancies, carried to term and now all grown up, they became very involved with their Parish and in fact, worked the Engaged Encounters, giving the NFP talks! She went on to say that what they had learned from their sessions at our Center was life-changing and that she will always be grateful for it!

Thank you for your continued generous support of our St. Gianna’s Center and the work that we do! We truly could not do it without you.

None of us will ever know how far the ripples of this work will reach!

Enjoy your February!