How fast January went! It has my mind in a whirlwind! Still trying to contemplate all of the wondrous blessings of Christmas as well as to plan out this new year of 2023 and here we are coming up to celebrating St. Valentine’s Day! Thank you to so many who remembered us with wondrous Christmas wishes and contributions.

So many things that began in 2022 are being realized in these new months of 2023. There were at least four babies born in 2022 to couples who had been battling infertility! Amazingly, we already have three couples with infertility who have achieved a pregnancy and will deliver those babies this year! We are only in February. Several clients with very difficult cycles and hormonal problems had surgery with our NaPro Doctors last year and are, for the first time in years, experiencing normal menstrual cycles! Countless women are realizing the benefits of charting and having had their hormones tested and treated during 2022 and in 2023 they are feeling so much better.

Two of our Interns sat for the final exam in October of 2022 and were notified of their success and in 2023 they are Creighton Model Practitioners! We have another Intern who started the program in 2022 and she is ready to take the final exam this month. Three more Interns will be entering the second phase of their education in May.

A client that you have read about lost her precious baby daughter, Ashlyn, who died the day before she was born. She and her husband suffered unthinkable grief. Their road to that pregnancy was long and at times seemed hopeless. She traveled to Omaha where Dr. Theresa Hilgers did NaPro surgery. Even after that, it was a hard road for them to travel before that pregnancy. There were many low moments, many questions for God. Even so, this couple kept their faith. They were supported by many faith-filled friends and family. Miraculously, in March, they will be giving birth to a little sister, Amilia! They feel the love of their Heavenly daughter every day. A few weeks ago, Amilia was celebrated by a group of wonderful women, and I was invited to celebrate with them! I thought that I would not know anyone there other than the Mom. Much to my surprise, among these women were several who are or have been my clients. We were so surprised to find each other and then to realize one thing that we all had in common was the St. Gianna Center! They had all been my clients and we were all there with the same intent: to celebrate God’s ever-present love manifested through the miracle of this new life.

So, in this month of February, well known for its promotion of love, let us all give great thanks for God’s abundant love for each of us. We are each unique to this world and to eternity and we are each God’s only child.

Thank you for helping us to continue this wondrous work!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to everyone!