The month of April’s name is derived from the Latin word “aperit.”  It means to open. April is the month of the growing season.  It is when trees and flowers begin to “open.” In our modern day, the month of April is dedicated to the promotion of Autism Awareness.

April, 2020 is unique to the history of our world! Due to the crisis of the corona virus, we have all been forced into a type of Autism. One of the definitions of Autism is: “Impaired communication.”  Is that not true of what has happened to our world? We are unable to define or diagnose the proper treatment for something so small that we are unable to see it without a microscope! This microscopic entity has paralyzed the financial giants of the world. It has closed our places of business, changed our transportation system, inhibited our ability to work,  to go to school and to travel and it has crippled our ability to communicate. . .it has locked down our Churches! Our world, as we have known it, has forever changed.

Not everything is good but there is good in everything. The Chinese word for crisis is made of two symbols.  One symbol for danger; the other for opportunity. This is true of the corona virus as well.  Despite all the danger and destruction it has caused, we as a world, from our knees, have found new opportunities to communicate in a better way. Despite the barriers, we are declining to accept the restrictions on our ability to communicate. This new skill of communication is one of bravery, heroism, kindness, concern, sacrifice, inspiration, ingenuity, and progress. This communication reaches across our neighborhoods and across the nations; it reaches God!  This communication levels political differences, international differences, racial and gender differences. 

It speaks of the value of every life. It says that EVERY life matters!  The world is grieving the loss of each life! The world, as one, is crying out for the ability to save every life! We are RESPECTING life!
This new skill in communication comes from God!  We are, as a world, calling on our God to help us in this fight against an invisible enemy. God is the one thing that has not changed. God is faithful and He is listening.  He is showing us the way to be victorious! God will help us to turn evil around. When evil is turned around it spells live! Isn’t that what we are asking of God? We will be rewarded because of this new communication with our God. There is the “good” we so desperately want to embrace. “Good’ is God stretched out. Please let us continue to talk with God and listen for His answers. 

Please know, too, that all of us involved with the St. Gianna Center are talking with God about you, your safety and well-being. We are thanking God for the privilege of providing our services for each one of you. You matter. . .we all matter.  God knows how much we each matter; He created us for an important purpose. During these times of danger, we can understand that our purpose is to matter to each other. We are all in this together and together with God, we will celebrate a better world and we will celebrate every life!