jumping for joy

Here we are already in the second month of 2022! Impossible!!

It brings back memories of my high school friends and I wondering if we would be alive at the turn of the Century (2000!)

Just thinking about it brings so clearly to my mind, my most favorite movie of all times: “It’s A Wonderful Life!” I watch this movie at least once every year during the Christmas season and it renews and deepens my understanding of the blessing it is to have been chosen to be born AND to be alive. Just as George Bailey did in the movie, we all find that life brings with it many challenges. Those challenges often cause us to want to quit. If we all had the amazing opportunity to see what a powerful difference each of us have made during our lifetime, we, too, would appreciate that this is, indeed, a wonderful life! If we put ourselves in the place of George Bailey, where we could visualize  who and what would not be in the world if we were never born, it would drop us to our knees.

God chose each of us to make a powerful, positive impact on this world. What we do in our own life changes the world, in some way, for unknown numbers of others. We touch and change so many and so much in our time on this earth: it is away beyond our imagination.

Our work here at the St. Gianna’s Center has made a positive impact on thousands! This thought does “boggle my mind!” So many would continue to have unsolved medical mysteries: ongoing unresolved misery. For countless numbers, there would have been no medical support for the hormonal issues, PMS, postpartum depression, and infertility so many were experiencing. Some new lives were  spared from abortion because of this Center. These thousands of clients have been enriched and supported spiritually, physically, intellectually, creatively, and emotionally; we have been privileged to enhance the SPICE in their life. In this one little corner of the world so many would not have had the benefit of St. Gianna’s Center and the Center could not have done it without the support of each one of you! You are the reason we exist. Your generosity allows us to share this rich body of knowledge with all who enter our doors. This is one small area of your life and it has touched thousands of others. Add this to the other areas of your life and know that you are an essential part of making this a wonderful life for a myriad of others.

You, your support, and all that you do are deeply appreciated and you have, indeed, changed this world into a better place.

Have a fabulous February.