Happy New Year!

Happy Birthday to our New Year!



What a wondrous world we live in!  We are always given a new door to open and new ways to seek hope and we always have the knowledge that HOPE is a constant for each and all of us! We need to express our gratitude for 2020 even though it was full of so many rough times.  The lessons of 2020 and the hidden rewards of that year will be uncovered in 2021.  Remember that if we don’t go after what we want, we will never have it.  If we don’t ask, the answer is always going to be no.  If we do not step forward, we will always  be in the same place. This is a lesson for us at the St. Gianna Center and we hope to mirror image that message to each and all of our clients!

There were happy successes for many of our clients during 2020.  One is a client who had suffered with PCOD for 6 years and who had seen multiple doctors seeking treatment so that. she and her husband would be able to achieve a pregnancy. Nothing that was offered was successful and they were advised that IUI or IVF were their only options.  They found our Center and two months after beginning the Creighton charting and a couple of mild interventions this couple is happily 13 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. Their good news of 2020 to be completed in 2021!

Another client who started working with the St. Gianna’s Center about 5 years ago due to a long history of suffering extreme pain during her cycles.  She, too, had seen multiple doctors without any true resolution to her problem.  She married shortly after beginning to work with us. She and her new husband were able to see a Creighton Medical Consultant. She had surgery to remove extensive endometriosis and then hormonal testing and bioidentical hormone replacement.  After about a year post treatment, this couple did achieve a pregnancy.  They delivered a full term, perfectly healthy baby boy about 2 years ago.  When that baby was a year old, they begin to try to achieve another pregnancy.  When that did not happen after 5 months, they again visited their Medical Consultant.  After some hormonal testing and Progesterone supplementation, they are, indeed, pregnant again. . . this time with twins!  They are due to deliver those babies in May!  Another good from 2020 to be realized in 2021.

Among other successes which began in 2020 and will be realized in 2021 and for years to come, are two young women, one 14 years old and one 17 years old who began working with us in the Fall of 2020.  The Mothers’ of these young women found us.  The only choice these young women had been given in their search for medical help, was to go on the birth control pill.  One of these girls had severe acne and painful cycles and the other had only one or two cycles a year.  Both girls have been seen by Dr. Gramlich and both have been tested and are under treatment.  They are already enjoying improvement of their conditions and without the use of the birth control pill. One of these Moms is so impressed with our method that she, too, decided to start charting her own cycles! This is truly a method to be used from Menarche (1st cycle) through Menopause! It truly does offer the best natural solutions for women’s health issues!

So, let us take the good that we found in 2020 into 2021 and let it compound! 
Remember, “good” is God stretched out; so, let’s give God a huge reach in 2021! 

Happy New Year!

We continue to give you each and all great thanks for your continued support of this wondrous work!!