It seems impossible that we are already halfway through 2021! The Spiritual meaning of June is: A time when energy integrates toward unity and compassion, a time of fertility. June is a perfect fit for our St. Gianna’s Center.

When I reflect on my time teaching the Creighton Model, it seems impossible that I have been doing this since 1988! That is 33 years… IMPOSSIBLE! Today, I had a follow-up with my 1014th client. Over the years some clients have dropped away but many have not, it is such an honor to be instructing the daughters of clients who have been with me for upwards to 20 years.

Interestingly, some of the clients who dropped the program have been calling me to come back because they are entering their perimenopause years and their cycles are changing, They worry about “learning” the Method all over again. I tell them that it is like riding a bike; the first few days will be a little wobbly, but the skill will come back very quickly. 

Just last week one of those situations happened. I got the call saying, “I’m not sure if you remember me.” I did remember. These clients do not realize how much of an impression they have on me! She went on to say that they had fallen away from the method and from Church. They had a devastating 2020 losing a Dad to Covid. Their grief led them back to Church and in discussing the wonder of finding that security again, their conversations came to the fact that they really wanted to start charting again and living out the rest of their reproductive years with the respect that it deserves. After we caught up for a while, I told her how honored I am to have them come back into the Program. We made an appointment for a follow-up and as we were beginning to finish our conversation, she said that she wanted me to know that what they had learned while using the Creighton Model stayed with them even when they were not charting. One point that had been emphasized several times about fertility was one that they “tested” and by golly, they got pregnant! They had doubted this particular information. She said, “What you taught was absolutely right, we are proof of that!” This child is several years younger than his siblings and although not planned, is the joy of the family. She thanked me for all of the information that I gave them so that they were able to plan their wonderful family at a pace that they could keep up with.

These are the stories that touch my heart and keep me ever looking forward to serving new clients and to continue to serve my faithful followers. 

The generosity of our donors brings to me that same sense of awe. This Center would not, could not exist without you. Your donations have touched over a thousand people and that is a conservative number! Even a thousand thank you’s would fall far short of truly expressing our gratitude!

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