Amazingly, the month of June is the halfway mark of the year no matter what
hemisphere it is. This is a fact; it is a truth, and it will always be.

Conception is that moment when the sperm and the egg unite. That is a fact, a truth and it will always be.

How is it that we need to engage in a debate about the beginning of life? The fact is that no matter how we may try to change it, conception is the beginning of life. Scientists at Northwestern University, in Chicago published a photograph in 2016 showing a very bright light (orange yellow) which they refer to as the spark of life. At the time the sperm enters the ovum (conception) there is reported to be a flash of light. The color goes from green to golden yellow. This is the result of a chemical reaction of the zinc that is present in the sperm and the ovum and when they unite, there is this spark. After that spark, the genetic material of the sperm combines with the genetic material of the ovum and a new life comes into being. The Science of human genetics proves, without a doubt, that this is the beginning of a new human life! First one cell in size then many cells; ultimately developing into a unique individual unlike the mother or the father! It is a fact; the truth and it always will be. This new being has their own set of fingerprints, unlike anyone  before them or those who will come after. We often marvel over the fact that every snowflake is unique. . .and . . .so are we! We were created with a purpose. Each of us is important and we all have purpose. Initially, we were meant to be sons or daughters. As education and experiences advance in our lives, so does our purpose advance. In my case,
I was meant to be a daughter, then a wife. I was chosen to be a nurse and a Mom to 10 children (6 biological and 4 adopted)!! Presently, I am a Grandmother to 30, a Great Grandmother to 24 and a Great, Great Grandmother to 3! There are over 60 of us now. I have my own community! All of this having been said, I believe that in 1988, when I was given this wondrous Creighton Education, God showed me what I am supposed to do with
the rest of my life. As long as I can talk, I will give this education to all who are seeking it. It is the truth. . .the beautiful truth. Everyone has a right to know this.

Thank each of you for allowing me the opportunity to spread this truth for all these years. Without your prayerful and financial support, I would have had to leave this ministry many years ago. You have allowed me to do this work for as long as God sees fit. You have my unending prayers of great gratitude.

Enjoy your summer and know that you are in my daily prayers.