A letter from our Medical Director from our 2017 Annual Report:

Dear Friends of St. Gianna Center, 

In 2017, I continued to do both new patient and follow-up consultations as a Certified FertilityCare Medical Consultant.  Most of these patients were referred to me by their Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioners.    I did begin to have new patient visits which were face to face via video visit rather than in-person.  This was done if the patient lived in Florida but was unable to travel to Largo for an in-person visit and did not have a Medical consultant available to them where they reside.  I serve as a consultant, and our patients also are followed by a primary care physician or an OB/Gyn or midwife if they are pregnant for prenatal and delivery care.  So the summary of patient visits is as follows:

New patient Office consults: 33

New Patient Telemedicine consults: 10

Follow-up Office consults: 79

Follow-up Phone or video consults: 74

New Pregnancy evaluations: 40

Abortion Pill Reversal evaluations: 5 (there was a 6th call but the patient could not be reached when contacting her back after the initial call from the APR hotline) Of the 5 APR evaluations, 2 declined treatment after the initial visit and outcome is unknown (assumed pregnancy loss, completed abortion).  Another patient started the protocol but had miscarriage a few days later.  Another patient followed the protocol for reversal and had a successful full term pregnancy, delivering a healthy boy in October 2017.  The fifth patient began the protocol in Nov 2017 and is still pregnant and doing well, due to deliver in 2018.

Summary of Pregnancy Outcomes completed in 2017 (all patients followed the progesterone protocol for Pregnancy established by PPVI Institute due to risk factors for preterm birth):  There were 31 total completed pregnancies in 2017 which were either conceived using Napro (16) or followed because of history of infertility/prior pregnancy loss or risk factor for preterm birth (15).

Term deliveries: 16 (includes one set of twins born healthy at early term 37 weeks)  Preterm deliveries: 0  Deliveries with unknown outcomes: 3 (anticipated to be term) Miscarriages (all first trimester): 12 (6 of these pregnancies were undergoing active Napro treatment prior to conception, 6 were not doing Napro treatment at the time of conception) Stillbirth: 0

I continue to serve as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Medical Consultant Certification for the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra S. Gramlich, MD, CFCMC