October is the one month that encourages us to relax; to find our “inner child” and to have fun! It is also the month that we begin to anticipate the great events and celebrations of the next several months.

October also gives us thirty-one days during which we are called to Respect Life. Before we can respect anything, we need to have a good understanding of it. You could hand the Hope Diamond to a group of children and what would they do with it? They would, likely, throw it, bat it, kick it around because no one has taught them of its enormous value and why it is kept under glass and heavily guarded at the Smithsonian Institute.

To our dismay, human life is not given such respect. There is very little self-respect and almost no respect for human life. Teaching about the miracle of life is negligible. Hardly
anyone realizes how unique and how important we are in this world. We were each chosen. We were each given the dignity of being born. We have each been given our own set  of fingerprints; never to be duplicated! We have been given life and we have been given purpose.

This life is our time to discover that purpose and to embrace the importance of our
existence! We need to love ourselves, to love our life and to love one another with reverence and respect. Our purpose is important. We are called to treat each other with kindness; that is the language that “the blind can see and the deaf can hear” according to Will Rogers. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if the 31 days of Respect Life in October could become 356 days a year to respect life? Let’s make that happen!

The St. Gianna’s Center is very proud to be able to teach our clients of their great worth in
this world! Once again, we want you to know how grateful we are to each and all of you for
your prayerful and financial support of our work. Your worth is contagious, and we try to pay it forward!