. . .the month of February!  It is truly a glorious month.  The word February is derived from the Latin word for purification.  February is the third and last month of winter. Even though February is our shortest month (leap year included) it is a powerful month. It is chockfull of celebrations including “National Get Up Day” which is February 1st. We move from that to National Groundhog Day, Presidents Day and of course we all look forward to celebrating St. Valentine’s Day!  We also begin the season of Lent on February 26th this year. February gives truth to the words of Helen Keller, “Face to the sun and you cannot see the shadows.”

The St. Gianna’s Center is also celebrating this month of February.  We are exploring the possibilities of expanding our identity and hopefully, we will be able to reach, teach and touch even more couples/women! We have so many couples who say to us, “Why have we never heard of you and what you do?”  Some feel that their life would have gone down a different and happier path had they known about us before making decisions about how to build their family. 

We have, all these years, existed on word of mouth advertising.  It has sustained us, but we have progressed very slowly.  The Board of Directors has decided to take heed of our clients’ words and follow the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Do not go where the path may lead you, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” We want to begin to make that trail in this month of February 2020.  Please pray for our future.

We know the wonder of this service to women and couples and we want to share it with everyone who needs and wants it.  Every woman and every couple deserves to know this truth. We have been given this gift to share with others. It truly is one of the keys to happiness. Please help us in any way possible to turn this key of happiness in the hearts of as many as possible.

Enjoy all the happy celebrations of this powerful month of February! We celebrate YOU!