It has been my extraordinary honor to teach the Creighton Model FertilityCare System for over 30 years. Believe me when I tell you that while teaching, I have also been learning!  I have been learning just how important we each and all are!  There have been so many times when I have been almost knocked off my feet by a phenomenal fact that I stumbled over while teaching a client or new Intern.  God has made us supreme beings.  We have been given power over all the earth and its inhabitants.  That is astonishing!

It dawned on me during one of my teaching sessions, that each of us is one of about 440,000 chances of being the chosen one.  Think about that.  A woman in her reproductive years has about 220,000 potential eggs in each ovary.  One or two of those germ cells is chosen in every cycle for development as an egg.  That is right, you and I are one of those chosen ones.  That is miraculous.  The other tremendous fact is that we are each unique to the universe.  We have each been given our own fingerprints!  No one before you and no one after you will ever share your fingerprints! Think about that!  It is my belief that we were given our own fingerprints so that we could leave our “mark” on this world. . .we should leave it a better place than what we found it.  We each have that right and that responsibility. 

During these 30 plus years of teaching the Creighton Model I have learned that the birth of every new human being changes EVERYTHING!  When a baby is born into this world, he/she not only changes the family into which they were born; they also change their society, their country, the universe and eternity.  NOTHING is ever the same after the birth of every new human being!  That is how important we each and all are.  We have changed everything just by being born. Now we are charged to continue to change the world for the better.

My honest opinion is that the work of the St. Gianna’s Center is doing just that.  It is helping to make the world a better, more informed, more respectful place.  It is my profound honor to be a part of this great work and I thank you for your prayerful and monetary support of this work.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and know that you are truly appreciated.

Diane Hale, RN, CFCE