As we begin this new November, it is just natural to begin to consider all for
which we are grateful. Most of us have a lengthy list to ponder. The many hats
that I am privileged to wear give me an unbelievably extensive list. My ten
children and their families. . . including 30 Grandchildren and soon to be 24
Great Grandchildren and 3 Great Great Grandchildren. This family is now over
60 in number! My heavens: it truly is a village.

All the memories of my 35 years as an RN in the Emergency Department at St.
Anthony’s Hospital and the many people that I cared for in a part-time job as a
Home Health Nurse.

There are so many poignant memories and hopes for the future in my present position as a Creighton Model Practitioner and  Educator that it boggles my mind. If I began now to say my thanksgiving, it would take several months to speak it all!

In this thought process, one of the most touching reasons for giving thanks comes  immediately to my mind.

On October 14, 2021, a precious little girl was born away ahead of her due date.
Her Mom was in serious trouble with extremely high blood pressure and the
doctors felt that in order to save both the Mom and baby that it was best to
deliver Savannah early. The pregnancy was only at 25 weeks when this decision
was made. Savannah weighed 1pound and 9 ounces and she was 11 inches long.
The prognosis for this premature baby was dismal. Immediately, Savannah’s
parents gave thanks that both Mom and baby were both alive. The Medical
Staff did everything that they could maintain this little one’s life while knowing
that Savannah’s earthly life would most likely be very short. They reminded her
parents how blessed they were to be able to have her and hold her even for a
brief time. A few days turned into 6 weeks and this Mom and Dad were able to
spend Thanksgiving with Savannah, albeit she was still in the hospital and “hooked
up” to all kinds of machinery. She would open her eyes and wrap her tiny hand
around a finger. There were victories and setbacks. Even so, the family was able
to spend Christmas together in the hospital. Now the weeks were turning into months. The local physicians felt that they were running out of options and that
the inevitable was close. They began speaking about removing the machinery.
Savannah’s parents did some research and found a hospital in Columbus Ohio
with success in treating severely premature babies. They had Savannah
transferred to the care of this hospital. This is a huge hardship on this Mom and
Dad because they try to get to that hospital to be with their baby at least once
every two weeks. Sometimes they drive and sometimes they fly. Amazingly,
they were able to be with her as they celebrated what never seemed possible,
her first birthday!

Savannah now weighs 18 pounds, 6 ounces and is 26 inches long. Most of the
machinery is no longer needed and if all goes well, “God willing,” her Mom tells
me that she might be coming home for Christmas!! Talk about thanksgiving!
This little family has added to my feelings of great gratitude as we exchange
progress reports via text on an almost daily basis! Some days my heart feels like
it will surely burst knowing that I am a part of this huge miracle. Talk about great

Please keep Savannah and her parents in your powerful prayers. Pray that this
little family will be able to celebrate Christmas together in their home.

Great thanks for allowing me the privilege of saying many prayers of gratitude
because of you and your faithful support of this wondrous work. May this be
your BEST Thanksgiving EVER, until the next one!