Spring begins in March! Anticipation of new beginnings and hope for the future begin to surface. It is a time of expectation and exhilaration! This Spring is especially full of anticipation. We, as a world, wish to see a new beginning. . .a Covid- free world; one in which there is a readily and easily attainable vaccine for all who need and want it. We want to go back to the comforts of what used to be normal: gatherings, celebrations, handshakes and hugs and NO MASKS!! Those are the good things that we pray will unfold during this Spring.

Even with all its handicaps, our past holds the hopes of our future. It is miraculous that the St. Gianna Center was able to continue our ministry and our work despite Covid. In 2020, we saw 45 new clients. On February 4th the 1000th client was entered into the program. We had 395 visits for the year and these numbers do not include all that Dr. Gramlich treated or how many patients visits she had! We have all learned a new skill and it is called “virtual visits!” Additionally, we were able to conduct an EP I during 2020 and began the training of 2 new Interns. We just completed their EP II on February 16th. If all goes as expected, we will have two more graduates of our Education Program before the end of 2021. One of our other Interns successfully took her final exam in November and we are so proud to say that she passed it with flying colors! She is a graduate of the St. Gianna Center Education Program!

All of that good in a year of isolation, quarantine, and confinement! Just imagine what this hope-filled Spring can offer! We have all endured many storms during this past year and we have found that it is on the other side of the storm that we find our strength! 

As we embrace the promises of Spring and set new goals, we will not say that “the sky is the limit” because there are footprints on the moon and a robot on Mars!

We send continued thanks and much gratitude for your continual support of our work. We would be unable to set any goals if it weren’t for your prayerful and financial support!