Spring is in the air

Spring is such an exhilarating time!  When God created Spring, He created our garden of hope.  Spring also reveals to me the tremendous honor that is mine because of the Creighton Model and all that it allows me to do in helping women and couples to achieve better health in every sense of the word.  This system of natural family planning is focused on knowing and understanding the natural-occurring phases of fertility and infertility which are a part of every cycle for every woman. There is no system like it in the world. This wondrous information provides the added benefit for every woman to monitor and maintain their procreative and gynecologic health over an entire lifetime. It is my firm belief that this education should be offered to every girl during the 5th grade of elementary school.  They would have the opportunity to better understand the naturally occurring changes that their body and emotions will encounter as they enter puberty.  They would also know that there are other treatment choices for any abnormalities that they might experience. . .other than the birth control pill, which is the only option they and their parents are given when there is something wrong. It is alarming to me that the female reproductive system is the only system in our body that the medical world will medicate (with the BCP) even when it is perfectly normal.  Actually, the action of the BCP is primarily to suppress the normal functions of the female reproductive system. Where else would we accept the word or consequences of “suppress”?

 Suppression means, “defeat” “destruction” and “dominance” among other things, none of which are kind. Suppression is not helpful, and it does not heal.

My passion for this work with the Creighton Model is because it is helpful and it does heal. It allows for compassionate and complete care. This medical model is individualized to every person.  It respects the dignity of each individual and provides treatment in the same way. . . one by one and individually. In Creighton there is no such thing as “one plan fits all.”

The Creighton Model treats every individual with the dignity that they deserve as a child of God!  It allows us, each and all, to see the beautiful blossoms of HOPE that God created; just as He created Spring.

Once again, our gratitude for your support of our work is beyond any and all of the words of our world. Please continue to pray for us and know that we pray for you and all our clients.