Happy Mother's Day!

May…the month of Mary!

Mary, the mother of God!

God chose a young, chaste woman and sent an angel to ask her to carry His son and she said YES! With that “yes” she elevated motherhood to the highest level. Not one of us would be here without our own Mother’s “YES!”  So, it is very fitting that we celebrate Mother’s Day in the month of May…the month of Mary. Our gratitude for every breath we take belongs to our Mother through the Grace of God.

It has been such a tremendous honor to help bring each of my clients to a deeper understanding of the privilege of living this life, sharing this life, and of bearing new life. It never ceases to thrill me when I am able to begin this wondrous journey with them during the introductory session. Right from the introduction to the Creighton Model, there is information about the miracle of life. It is revealed that a baby girl, in her mother’s uterus, has all of her fertility intact when she is only five months in her journey to birth! Before her birth, that baby girl is carrying all of her own potential children. When we think about that, we begin to realize that we have a special bond with our grandmother…our Mother’s Mother carried our Mother, us (her children), and all of the children we will have AND on it goes!

Think about that. We can take it backward and it will take us all the way back to Mary and prove that we are all, indeed, children of God, descended from the Mother of Jesus; brothers and sisters in this world and that is the respect that we should show one another.

It is beyond any human understanding that God would have His Son, Jesus, brought into this world through the gestating process in the womb of a young, faith-filled woman. Every child comes into the world by gestation in the womb of a woman. Every child is God’s chosen child. Every child needs a loving Mother.

Mary is also an example of an adoptive Mother. She accepted Jesus as her own despite the circumstances of His birth.She was, indeed, a loving mother and an adoptive mother; her spouse, St. Joseph, shows us how to be the perfect adoptive Father. Together they show us how to love every child despite the circumstances of their birth. Those who are unable to carry a child in their uterus can certainly wrap their arms around a child who desperately needs a Mother and Father and accept them as a child of their own.

It is God’s greatest wish that we love Him and that we love one another as brothers and sisters. He gave us Mary to show us how to do this as a Mother and he gave us brave, loyal St. Joseph to show us all how to be a family of God.

There is no doubt that St. Joseph stands with us as we salute and thank Mary for her Motherhood. There is also no doubt that Mary smiles on each and all of us as we wish all Mothers the Happiest Mother’s Day EVER!

Once again, the Board of Directors, the staff, and all or our volunteers find it almost impossible to express our gratefulness for your continued loyalty through prayers and financial support. This work simply could not continue without you!