There is great excitement as I am writing this on the Feast of St. Gianna, and we will begin our Education Phase II tomorrow! The preparation for these classes is immense and I am so grateful to my family for being an enormous help in getting everything tied together. Heaven knows that I would never be able to do it without them. God has sent us three impressive women. There is not a doubt in my mind that each of these women and the new knowledge that they will drink in, will benefit, and inspire everyone who comes to them for this information.

This is academically, a big challenge. They have already completed their total immersion of 8 days for EP I. That was in November of 2022. Since then, these women have been busy completing the requirements of a six-month Internship. During this phase of their Internship, they also begin the actual teaching process. This is a scary time for them because they feel inadequate and insecure. I tell them that they are now the “Great Imposter” since they are only about one chapter ahead of their clients. This teaching is directly under my supervision and believe me, they will be accurate in all that they teach. It is the experience that they collect from these teaching times that will give them increased security and the understanding that they are, indeed, the expert. Scheduled and unscheduled phone calls during this time so that the Intern’s every question/concern can be addressed almost immediately.

Tomorrow will begin a five-day total immersion course. We will be addressing advanced issues and case management during this time. The Interns will learn all the intricacies of doing pregnancy evaluations and learning to do mucus scores and recognizing hormonal imbalances as well as learning how to deal with and refer for treatment the advanced medical and ethical issues that Practitioners encounter.

They will take a final exam for this phase of their education and then they enter a second six-month Internship. There will be more assignments and a requirement to have twelve clients to have a mandatory On-Site visit from me.

During that visit, the Intern will conduct an Introductory Session (with an audience) and a follow up with a woman/couple and I will review every single file. Once the On-Site visit is successfully completed, the Intern is required to have a total of at least eighteen clients and have successfully completed all assignments before they can take the 6 hours, proctored, national exam. This work is not for the faint of heart!

Think about it! By the time, these women are ready to take their final exam, this knowledge will have touched a minimum of fifty-four women/ couples. During my 35 years as a Practitioner, I have been privileged to teach 1104 women/couples! This is just the beginning for the 43 Interns who have come through our St. Gianna Center Education Program. Imagine how many people have been and will be inspired and enriched by all forty-three of these ladies!

My gratitude for your support is immeasurable! I give God great thanks for allowing my health to be such that I can continue this wondrous work. St. Gianna, along with your husband Pietro, please continue to pray for the success of this St. Gianna’s Center and for someone who would accept the reins from me when that time comes.