November is such a gift!! It is 30 days packed with moments to remember and times to anticipate! It is the end of our Fall season and the beginning of our winter. It is a time to put away the things of summer and bring out the ones for cooler weather. Colors are changing everywhere! It gives us time to look back and to remember and a time to look forward to the many marvelous times to celebrate life, family and friends!

November allows us to review the hopes and plans that we had made for 2019. It gives us the time to smile about the victories but not too much time to grieve over
the failures because we are speeding head long into the celebrations of the month and of the future!

November brings the celebrations of All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Veterans Day. There is even a National Day for Peanut Butter Lovers! Oh how we love to celebrate! The end of November does give us a time to slow down and to give proper thanks for all that is good in our lives. We embrace the celebration of the great holiday of Thanksgiving with our family and friends! It is a fitting ending to this powerful month of November! It is our time to remember, to treasure and to preserve those treasures! Then begins to run up to Advent and all of the wonders of that season.November is the ending and the beginning. At the end of November, we begin our new dreams for the future. We are encouraged to dream BIG! We are also reminded that when a dream seems too big we have to remember that nothing is bigger than God. At those times, we need a prayer plan.

We at the St.Gianna’s Center are asking you to join our prayer plan as we look to the future of our Center. We are dreaming BIG and praying to grow and expand.
We are dreaming of moving to a new location where we can bring this wondrous knowledge to even more women/couples. We truly need your prayers and any
financial support you are able to offer. Know that we are blessed because of the power of your prayers and your presence for our Center. We give God great thanks for allowing our path to join yours!