October is a grand month. October gives us the first full moon of the Winter. The leaves turn into things of beauty as they change into splendid colors and begin to shed from the trees. Tremendous changes take place in October preparing us for a magnificent future. 




Throughout our lifetime, we all experience many changes. The St. Gianna’s Center is all about guiding and helping our clients to experience a change for the better. So many of our clients are experiencing exquisite difficulties with their reproductive health. Those problems most often cause upheaval in their everyday activities. So many of these clients have diligently searched for the answers; for a solution to their health issues prior to coming to the St. Gianna Center. Your prayerful and financial support has allowed us to offer the answers and solutions for so many women/couples. We all thank you for that!

One of these clients put it so powerfully into her own words. She personally told me that since
working with St. Gianna’s Center she fully sees what she has missed out on in her life and is ready to
embrace a healthier, happier future.

These are her words in writing:

Working with Diane and Dr. Gramlich at St. Gianna’s Center has been life-changing. The care that I have received has been phenomenal. I finally have found people who get it. Before working with them on my charting and fertility I had gone to three other doctors and learned how to chart in a few different methods, none of which worked for my body due to hormonal issues. Learning how to chart with the Creighton Model has given me the freedom to learn about my body and understand it in a way that is empowering. I know that if I have a daughter I will send her to work with St. Gianna’s Center. They have helped diagnose me with Endometriosis and have been supporting me with supplement recommendations and education as I was trying to balance my hormones and then when my husband and I started to try to conceive. I know I would not be where I am today if not for them. They have saved me the hassle and cost of working with traditional fertility clinics and doctors. Through charting, I have been able to hack my body signs so I could get pregnant faster.  They also recommended that I get surgery due to Endometriosis. After surgery, my periods have been not painful at all and my fertility signs have increased. Although not a life-saving procedure, it was life-saving for me. I am so please with my experience at St. Gianna’s Center. I recommend them to all my friends and highly recommend them to you, especially if you are struggling trying to conceive or know you have endometriosis like I did.