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The work of the Creighton Model Practitioner and Medical Consultant is extremely challenging.  Our couples come to us for help with their hormones, their cycles, and their confusion about how to best treat any abnormalities. 

Many times, what we can do for them results in an amazing improvement of every part of their life.  We are beyond privileged to be such an intimate part of their life and even more privileged to be able to pray for and to walk their walk with them.  This work requires that we promise to stand by these women/couples spiritually, physically, intellectually, communicatively, and emotionally.  Believe me when I say that prayer is the only way to do this! When our women experience a huge improvement in their cycles and in how they feel overall, we celebrate with them.  When a couple dealing with infertility successfully achieves a pregnancy, we are honored to rejoice with them!  There are quite a few Giovanni’s and Gianna’s named in honor of our Center!

 When our couples suffer the unthinkable; when they are knocked to their knees and the very core of their faith is shaken, we grieve with them, and we prayerfully support them. This journey is not easy, but it is the ultimate honor when we walk this walk with them. We know that every life has a purpose and meaning.  

On October 2, 1996, my niece and her husband gave birth to a precious daughter, Michaila.   Michaila was born prematurely. She was blind and deaf with a rare condition called MIDAS Syndrome with little hope of survival or of a functional life.  It was felt that she would be a “vegetable” if she did survive. Many pleading prayers were said. Michaila’s Grandfather (who is the Pastor of a large Christian Church) and Grandmother (my sister) are very strong Christians. They and their congregation joined my niece and her husband and hundreds of others in praying for Michaila and the family. After her birth, she proved to be quite a fighter.  During her life, she had multiple surgeries: the great Dr. Ben Carson actually was her surgeon for several of those surgeries. Dr. Carson was completely impressed by her resilience and the determination of her parents to get her the best treatment available. He became a huge supporter of this family and he prayed with them for the best results possible for Michaila. 

Multitudes of people were touched and deeply moved by this precious child. In fact, she was featured in a book entitled: Here Is My Hope, written by Randi Henderson and Richard Marek.

Michaila grew, she thrived and she had a life full of love. She accomplished so many things that were predicted to be impossible.  She DID walk and one of her most favorite things to do was to ride a horse during some of her therapies. Even though she never did hear and she never did see, she did love with all of her heart and most certainly she could make others understand what she wanted!

Ultimately Michaila had a brother and a sister who loved her unconditionally and oh, how she loved them!  This is more proof of the fact that “love never divides; it always multiplies.” Since her death, three more biological children and two adopted children have come into this family and believe me, they have learned about their sister Michaila and they have a deep love for her;  someone that they never knew but someone who actually changed the world.

A few days after Michaila celebrated her 10th birthday it seems that God said to her: “Michaila, you have been walking with me every day and look!  We are closer to my home now, why don’t you come and stay with me?”

Michaila was not “perfect” in the eyes of this world, but she certainly was perfect in the eyes of God.  Can you imagine the joy she must have felt when the very first thing that she ever saw was the face of God?!

Michaila’s life had tremendous purpose.  She made heroes out of her Mom and Dad.  She was the cause of innumerable people having a better communication with God because so many were praying for her so many times. This beautiful child who could never see or hear had hundreds of people at her celebration of life! Makaila made a loud and mighty presence during her time in this world.

Currently, we have three clients who are down on their knees in grief over the loss of their unborn child or of a devastating diagnosis for their unborn child.  We are walking with them and praying with them and we suffer with them.  We ask God to give them and all women/couples enduring these difficulties the strength that they need to recognize the significant blessings that are being sent to them and to our world through these times.  

Please join your powerful prayers with ours for our clients and for all women/couples who are enduring these sad realities. May God wrap His comforting arms around them.

 We thank you for joining us in these prayers and for every kindness you have done for our St. Gianna’s Center!

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