It is so hard to believe that we are already in the second month of Autumn. It is
wonderful that we will be able to be able to celebrate St. Gianna’s birthday on
October 4th; she would have been one hundred years old. While it is hard to
believe that we are this far into 2022, it is almost impossible for me to believe
that as of this day, I have welcomed the 1079th client to our services!

When I ponder that I am filled with awe and deep gratitude. There are not
enough words in any language to describe the overwhelming sense of awe this
provokes for me. These women/couples have allowed me to be a part of one of
the most important aspects of their lives. My job, as their Practitioner of the
Creighton Model, involves the SPICE of their lives. They graciously allow me to
walk their fertility/hormonal journey with them. It is my profound honor to
walk with them Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, Communicatively and
Emotionally. I laugh with them, cry with them, hope with them and rejoice with
them. There is nothing that I have done that deserves this privilege.

As I have journeyed with these wonderful people over these last 34 years, I
have been led to a deeper and more profound prayer life. I have learned to be
more inclusive as I pray. Daily, my prayers include my family and all of their
needs and I pray for every client that I will encounter during that day. I pray for
a true return to respect for all life from conception to natural death. There are
prayers for those that feel they have no one to pray for them; that they will
know the comfort and healing power of prayer. I pray for the end of the war in
Ukraine and I ask our Blessed Mother to stand with her Son and bring this war
to an end. . .to spare the lives of so many innocent people. I ask God for the
release of all prisoners of war and I give great thanks for those who have been
released. Prayers are said for a Covid-free world and for a readily available,
reliable vaccine for all who need it and want it. I also pray for all who are
currently sick with Covid, acutely or chronically and I give thanks for those,
including myself, who have recovered from Covid. Prayers are said for all of the
Churches of the world as we pray for peace; prayers for the leaders of these
churches especially our Pope Francis, our Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and
Religious. . .many by name. I pray for the success of our St. Gianna Center and
the St. Paul VI Institute and I ask St. Gianna and Pietro to join their prayers with
our petitions. I give thanks for the Dobbs decision and pray for an end to
abortion around the world. I ask God to send His Holy Spirit to touch the hearts
and to change the minds of all who are considering abortion, personally or
legally, so that these babies can have earthly life. . .we need them! My prayers
ask God to be with all Doctors around this world and to especially be, in a
powerful way, with the doctors and their families who work with
NaProTECHNOLOY. I also ask God to be with our Practitioners, Interns, and
clients every day and to be with our clients who are suffering with infertility in a
strong and positive way; that He would grant their deepest prayer of bringing a
new soul into this world that they can escort back to Him. I give huge thanks for
those who have achieved a pregnancy and ask that He allow them and all
pregnant women to carry their babies to full-term, healthy deliveries.

Just this week, my prayers include all who were so sadly affected by the
hurricane Ian and for all who are working to aid and comfort those victims.
Giving tremendous thanks for those of us who were spared this devastation.

My prayers always include my tremendous gratitude for each of you and for all
who support this work and our clients. We certainly cannot do this without God
and without your generous and loving support. Your support certainly does
elevate our work to a deeper and more profound understanding of our most
precious gift: LIFE!