Welcome to a New Year and a new decade! How exciting that we are allowed this new beginning! The word January is a translation from the Latin word for “door.”  How prophetic! The door to 2019 has closed. In fact, the door to the decade since 2010 has closed. We can remember and we can learn from the past; we cannot change what has gone before. 

We can, however, gratefully accept the monumental gift of opening the door to the new year and the new decade full of limitless potential. We individually and collectively can change, for the better, the path of our own lives. That change will have a ripple effect and will touch countless others.   Will that change be positive or negative? That is our decision.

We’ve been presented with the invaluable opportunity to open this door to the new year of 2020.  It is intriguing that 20/20 represents perfect vision. We should pray that perfect vision will be a most powerful reality in our relationship with God, in our personal lives in our family lives and in our professional lives. That being the case, our ripple effect will be extremely positive in so many ways!

The vision of the Board of Directors and staff of St. Gianna’s Center in the year 2020 is exciting! We are exploring the opportunity to expand.  This would include moving into our own facility where our identity would be more prominent. It also means that we need to add another Medical Consultant and more Practitioners. Wow!  Needless to say, we need your prayerful and monetary support as we begin this transition. 

We know that we wouldn’t be here without you and we also know that we cannot progress without you.  Our gratitude for your past support is beyond our ability to express. Our hope for your continued support is also beyond our ability to express!

Pray for us and Happy New Year as we all open the door to 2020!


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