Happy New Year! We at the St. Gianna Center are looking forward to an amazing year. There is much excitement about our next Education Program which will begin on February 3, 2024. We have 3 women who will be attending; one of them, our own Executive Director, Becky Moultrie, will be auditing the class. Please pray for them and for the success of this Education Phase I (EP I).

This is an arduous journey. These wonderful women will be leaving their families for nine days. During those nine days, they will be totally immersed in the classroom learning a new language. . .the language of female fertility and it is BEAUTIFUL! This is taught at a Masters’ level and includes a mid-term and final exam. Once they have successfully completed the classroom work, they will have a six-month internship during which they will have assignments, requiring 85% to pass and they are required to have at least 6 of their own clients. This means that they will have to do Introductory Sessions and follow up sessions for a minimum of 6 women/couples. We will meet again in 6 months (August) for another total immersion classroom experience of 6 days and another final exam. They then have 6 more months of Internship with assignments and a requirement of 6 new clients. Once they have taught a total of 12 clients, I, as their Educator, will do an On-site visit. They are responsible for my travel expenses and housing. This is a minimum of 2 days during which I observe them conducting an Introductory Session, a follow up session and I go through every file. We do this to ensure the integrity of the Creighton Model. When they have successfully completed the On-site visit, they need 6 more clients; a total of 18 and all assignments completed, they then sit for a 6 hour, Proctored, national exam. Once they pass that exam, they become graduates of our Education Program and they have earned the title of Creighton Model Practitioner! This is not the end of their journey. They have 3 years to become Certified by the American Academy of FertilityCareTM Professionals; if they do not, they are not permitted to continue to teach.

Obviously, this education/work requires tremendous sacrifice, personally and financially. These women embrace all of this because they see the truth, the
beauty, and the benefits of this knowledge and all the good it provides for the spiritual, physical, intellectual, communicative, and emotional wellbeing of our women and for our married couples. This knowledge of the language of the female fertility brings with it immeasurable rewards. It is no wonder that these great women are willing to accept the hardships they will encounter to share this wondrous work with so many others. They understand the world is in desperate need of the good this work enables. They know, too, that “good” is God stretched out. Their sacrifices will give God an even greater reach. We have no way, at this time, to know just how many people will be positively impacted by the work these three women will do. In my 36 years of collaborating with clients, I have had the privilege of working with 1125 women/couples. As an Educator with the St. Gianna Center, I have been honored to teach 43 Interns. Each Intern had to have a minimum of 18 clients to complete the program. So, there are, at least, 774 more who have benefited from this amazing information.

We at the St. Gianna’s Center are truly blessed that these women have chosen our Education Program to attend. We are one of about 18 Education Programs in the United States. We are the only one in the State of Florida.
Please pray for them and for the success of this Education Phase I. We so need more Practitioners from our area. We ask for your prayers in that regard as well. Two of those who will be attending are from other States. We desperately want this Program to continue long after I am no longer able to teach. It takes about 3 years for someone to become an Educator and time is marching on.
If there is any way that you could help us, especially through prayer and financially, to help support someone in our area to begin and complete this training, please do so.
Please know that each of you is a blessing beyond all measure for your continuing prayerful and financial support toward the success of our St. Gianna’s Center and Education Program. Know, too, that God will richly bless you in return!

Diane Hale, RN, CFCE
Center Educator

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