This article is dedicated to the happy memory of Barbara Ann Cowne, RN, FCP.

Barb was also a beloved wife, mother and Grandmother.   

 Barb exuded faith, hope, love, compassion, friendliness, generosity and gentleness.  She always had a ready smile; she always quietly but powerfully professed her love of God.  She literally sang His praises!  Everyone who has had the honor of meeting/knowing Barb knew without doubt that they had been richly blessed! One of my favorite memories of Barb is when I first met her. A little over four years ago, Barb called me and excitedly inquired about the possibility of becoming a Creighton Model Practitioner. Our Education Phase I was soon to begin, so she came into the office to fill out the application and to pick up the textbooks for the course.  She was so excited about the prospect of teaching women/couples about the wonders of the gift of fertility.  She wanted to touch as many people as possible with the knowledge of how miraculous and meaningful each of us are.  She marveled in the revelation that each of us has been chosen to make this earthly journey and to leave our mark on this world by leaving it a better place.  Barb certainly did that! She embraced goodness and shared it with everyone that she encountered. Barb’s part of our world is surely changed for the better. Each person that accepted the goodness of Barb undoubtedly shared that goodness with others, who shared it with others and the goodness was spread exponentially! Only God knows how many people were ultimately touched by Barb and of all of the good that she did.  Good is God stretched out and Barb positively gave God a greater reach in her part of the world!

My God Mother (rest her soul) once told me that:

This life is our time to seek God.

Death is our time to encounter God.

Eternity is our time to rejoice with God.

Barb is rejoicing with God now!  What a glorious reunion it is!

On July 25th, while walking her journey with God, it seems that God must have said, “Look Barb!!  You have been walking with me so faithfully that it seems that we are closer to my home than to yours.  Why don’t you come home with me?”

And so, she did!  Barb will be greatly missed, and she has greatly loved and been loved.  We thank God for allowing some of her earthly journey to be with The St. Gianna Center…such a tremendous blessing!

Please keep Barb’s family in your powerful prayers; also pray for the continued efforts our Center is making toward a more robust future. Know, too, that you always remain an important part of our prayers.