God says “yes”, God says “no” and sometimes God says, “You have to be kidding!” (the student that does no studying all year and then prays to pass the final exam). The truth is that God is always listening, and He always answers. Sometimes the answer is not what we want to hear.

Our Center has been looking into the possibility of expanding our services. Our Board of Directors have been working on developing a plan of action that would allow us to partner with a hospital. It has been months in the making. We had a meeting with the “powers that be” from this hospital on the 18th of August. There was much preparation and many prayers. So far, there has been no answer. We are preparing ourselves for the “not at this time.” So, do we give up? Do we continue to pursue this hope? We pray to hear God’s answer and for the ability to accept that answer. The one thing that does not change is the praying.

As you know, our Center treats a large number of couples who are suffering from infertility. They have a similar journey of prayer, of waiting, of preparing and hoping. That journey has so many steps. Every cycle that a pregnancy does not occur feels like a huge failure and that God’s answer is “no.” These couples have the same dilemma of how to proceed and for how long? Why does it seem that God continues to say no. What do they have to do to hear that “yes”?

The picture with this newsletter is from one of my faithful clients. This couple is delightful and they are prayer warriors. As you can see, they have an altar in their home where they go to pray. They have put every chart with their prayers at this altar. The answer has been “no” to this point. They question me and Dr. Gramlich about whether they should persevere in their attempts to have a child. We continue to encourage them because we know that God can do all things. Prayer is our most powerful tool. Please join us in our prayers for this couple and for all couples who are experiencing the extreme sadness of  infertility. If many of us exercise that power of prayer maybe, just maybe the answer will be “YES!”

Please also continue to keep the St. Gianna Center in your prayers as we continue to discern what to do about the future.

Our gratitude for each and all of you cannot be measured.

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