​What a wondrous month is September! It is a gift of 30 days packed full of summer finality and autumn anticipation! It the only month that has the same number of letters in its name as the number it holds in the order of our year (9). September is one of our shorter months, but it is packed full of events and full of life.  

As summer vacations end, we celebrate Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Patriot’s Day, and Constitution Day.  We even have Eat an Extra Dessert day on September 4th!

In the United States, more babies are born on an average day in September than on a day in any other month; making September one of the most popular birthday months. In fact, September 9th and September 19th are the most poular birthdates of the entire year! So, it seems that the celebration of life is a very popular event during September!

September holds its tragedies as well; we will always remember the terrorist attack of 9/11.  We keep those almost 3000 victims and their families in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers. That day taught us the true value of life and just how fragile it is.

Let us embrace the lessons of September, of joyful beginnings and sorrowful endings.  Let us celebrate life and anticipate the gifts that autumn provides us. Let us embrace the value of every human life!

Teaching about the gift of fertility is what we do at St. Gianna’s Center and your support is what perpetuates our work and the benefits that it provides our clients, not the least of which is a new respect for the gift of fertility and a deeper, more profound respect for the celebration of life!

Thank you!