holy family

Two of the required ingredients to a happy earthly life are: love and forgiveness.
June is the perfect month to consider this. June 3rd is “love conquers all” day and June 21st is Father’s Day. There are many other things to celebrate in this 30-day month.

What I think of when considering “love” is the epitome of human love that is quietly portrayed by St. Joseph, the earthly Father of Jesus. He was able to put his confusion about the child that Mary was carrying at ease by continuing to love Mary, to publicly “forgive” her of the possibility of unfaithfulness and to publicly commit to her by making her his wife. His profound love did not stop there. He adopted the baby she was carrying as his own! St. Joseph forgave those who scorned him because he was just an insignificant worker. He so loved his family and he was given the profound privilege of being the first to welcome Jesus to this world and providing for and feeding the Son of God! The busy world around him considered him a nobody. . .a nothing; yet he was the Foster Father to Jesus and the only man that God called Father!

During these last thirty-plus years of teaching the Creighton Model, there have been an impressive number of couples who, in their journey with infertility, have embraced adoption and being foster parents. These couples are the modern-day St. Joseph. They have had to look at life differently; they have had to forgive much. Through that process, they found the path that led them to a depth of love that cannot be explained! They have taken into their homes and hearts the children of God who truly needed them. They have sacrificed and they have had to forget some of their dreams. In this forgiveness, their love multiplied and they have an inexplicable joy of knowing that, like St. Joseph, they are caring for the precious children that God has chosen for them!

As we enter this beautiful month of June, let us truly honor all of the Fathers and let us honor all of those who have taken the role of St. Joseph as foster parents and adoptive parents. They each and all honor the world with their selfless love!

Our gratitude to these precious people is immeasurable. We also continue to be eternally grateful to each and all of you for your continued prayerful and financial support. This work goes on because of you! Bless you and thank you!