Testimonials from our FertilityCare Clients

Maybe you wonder if the Creighton Model of natural family planning really works, or if NaProTechnology has helped anyone feel better or conceive a child. These testimonials are from our clients, women and their families whose lives have been enriched through the use of the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System or NaProTechnology.

Thank You For My Healthy Baby Girl

baby girl smilingI cannot thank you enough for my healthy baby girl. Rosemary was born May 22, 2018, weighing 7 lbs 4 oz, at 38 weeks gestation.

I was using progesterone morning and night for some of the pregnancy, beginning and end and just night during the middle of the pregnancy. Rosemary is healthy. I was able to have a normal delivery after a c-section.

Thank you again for my beautiful girl. God bless you and your wonderful work!


Learning About My Cycle, My Body, and My Health

smiling young womanI started charting with St. Gianna’s Center about nine months ago. My friend was becoming a FertilityCare™ Practitioner and been in her program for a couple months and had nothing but good things to say about the Center and her experience charting.

As a young single woman, I wanted to learn more about my cycle, my body, my health. I have received more than I could have imagined! I feel empowered by the tools I have learned with St. Gianna’s Center. Charting has helped me have a greater reverence for my body and the gift of fertility. I find myself sharing my experience excitedly with my girlfriends the same way my friend did with me a year ago.

Secondary Infertility: Olga’s Story

young couple with husband holding babyMy name is Olga.  My husband Julian and I were married in 2009.  We were blessed to have our daughter a year after our marriage.  We were trying to conceive after our first daughter for almost two years and sadly had two miscarriages.

I came across the book Infertility Companion for Catholics by Angelique Ruhi-Lopez and Carmen Santamaria. When I read the book, I wanted to know more about NaProTECHNOLOGY and the Creighton Model.  Soon after, it was a Godsend that my parish St.Gregory had a seminar on NaProTECHNOLOGY and miscarriage. I met Carrie Huebner and contacted her soon after. I began the Creighton Model and met with her monthly over Skype, after 3 months of tracking, I met with Dr. Gramlich and she ordered lab tests.  After evaluating my tests, she diagnosed me with Corpus Luteal defect, I was prescribed HCG shots right after ovulation.

I started tracking with the Creighton Model for 5 months and taking the HCG shots, by June we were able to conceive.   During the first trimester, Dr. Gramlich continued to track my progesterone levels.  I learned a lot about my fertility with this method.  NaProTECHNOLOGY is a very individualized approach that empowers women to get to know their body and receive treatment in an ethical way.  Both Carrie Huebner and Dr. Gramlich prayed for their patients and that makes a huge difference.

~Olga & Julian

 Live Birth After Miscarriage

My husband and I were very excited to find out we were expecting our first baby! Unfortunately, we had a miscarriage, which was one of the hardest things I have been through, We named the baby Gabriel Michael. Through charting and taking blood tests we discovered that I had low progesterone. We quickly joined the progesterone support group through the Pope Paul VI Institute.

 Our amazing instructor, Diane Hale, helped us through the entire process. I started receiving the natural bio-identical progesterone injections in order for my own progesterone to increase. Every two weeks I took a blood test to check my levels. Four months later I became pregnant again! I used the progesterone throughout my pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy- Dominic Stephen- on November 12, 2009. We are so thankful, first of all, to God.

Secondly, I would like to thank Dr. Hilgers and the staff of the Pope Paul VI Institute for this wonderful program. I don’t know what we would have done without it. After having the miscarriage I felt like I could relate to so many others who have lost a child in that way. Now, I share with others how the Creighton Model system works and how it is a great way to monitor, maintain, and evaluate one’s gynecologic and procreative health- naturally and morally. I am now a FertilityCare™ Practitioner. My husband and I are enjoying being parents. We hope to have more children in the future. 


Doubts About Natural Family Planning Effectiveness

young couple standing next to each other smilingBefore we were married, we both had doubts about the effectiveness of Natural Family Planning. We are grateful for the modern scientific method taught by the Creighton Model FertilityCare system. It gives us a natural, safe, and effective method to plan our family.
The best part is the amazing effect it has on our marriage by improving our communication, as well as giving us an intimacy in our relationship that people told us was not possible. We can’t believe where we are today compared to where we were four years ago.

As an added benefit when faced with infertility, the Creighton Model gave us a highly researched, moral, healthy solution to the treatment of infertility. Today we are blessed with two beautiful children and four years ago we were struggling with one of the hardest things a married couple can face, infertility.” 

~Rick & Carrie

Ovarian Cyst Treatment

Smiling womanAbout two years ago, I had been diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary. It was slightly abnormal in appearance, which provoked the concern of my doctor. Her recommendation was narrowed down to two options: birth control or surgery. Yet, neither of those options would prevent cysts from developing in the future. It only seemed to be a temporary solution with possible complications as a result of either method. This led me to seek an alternative solution, one that would not only decrease the development of cysts but also provide me with answers to what was happening within my body as a whole.

My search led me to discover NaProtechnology used within the Creighton Model of natural family planning. This method helped me to understand my body at a deeper and more comprehensive level. I have been able to successfully monitor my cycles and various changes within them that could be indicative of a hormone imbalance. Through bioidentical hormones, I will be able to dissolve cysts and prevent them from forming in the future. I now feel confident that I am on the right path towards fertility health, and ultimately a better lifestyle.


Severe Post-Partum Depression and Secondary Infertility

husband and wife with baby and young sonWe wanted to have children soon after our wedding, so we started to learn the Creighton Model FertilityCare System three months before our wedding.  Three months after our wedding we were pregnant with our 1st baby, it was an easy success! After the birth, I was experiencing severe postpartum depression that I thought it would just go away. As soon as our NaProTECHNOLOGY Medical Consultant got wind of it, she had me take Bio-identical Progesterone right away.  I immediately felt much better; my depressed moods went away within hours and I felt back to my old, happy self!  

My husband and I tried unsuccessfully for 2 years to have our second baby.  Our NaProTECHNOLOGY medical consultant found that I had low Progesterone, so I started supplementing, but still no success.  Then I was put on T3 and we were pregnant the first cycle. We supplemented with T3 & Progesterone partway through the pregnancy and had a PERFECT pregnancy! After 40 hours of labor, we had our very healthy and full-term baby girl at 9.11 LB.  Thank you, Creighton FertilityCare™!

~Angela & Mark

Changing Medical Advice

husband with wife holding baby and 3 older childrenMy husband Kevin and I had 3 previous gifts from God.  We had used the Creighton Model to avoid pregnancy due to the following reason:  I had 3 C-sections. The first and the third were emergencies. The second my doctor said I “had” to have done.  My third pregnancy was a complete Placenta Previa which had me on total bed rest for 5 months.  Billy’s birth on St. Valentine’s day 2007 was certainly worth it all. I was then told that I am at a higher risk for Placenta Previa again, that I am a high risk for rupture, and should not have any more children.  

Until a check-up when a doctor in the same group told me “You better hurry up if you want to have more children!” I told him what the other doctors in his group had told us in the past. I reminded him of my situation (and he remembered). He then reviewed my chart and told me all would be fine.

We used the Creighton Model to be in communion in our marriage and to still be open to life if that is God’s will for us.  Before we used this method we were stressed, scared, and confused…feelings that a married couple doesn’t have to go through to this extent if they are trying to avoid pregnancy or conceive.  By an act of God, we managed to withstand the misguided advice and tremendous pressure from our trusted medical team (who safely delivered our 3 children) and even the pressures from our own loving family and friends to use birth control, have a tubal or vasectomy.  

When I refused birth control or a tubal, one of my doctors told me “you should be happy with the children you have, consider yourself lucky, and quit while you ahead,” one person suggested that we get a surrogate mother because “you make beautiful children” (both completely oblivious to the fact that we were concerned not with being able to have biological children but being in communion with God in our marriage).  We know all children (biological or adopted) are equally gifts from God and feel confident that if God wants us to have another child, he will give us one in whatever way he sees fit. So this kind of talk was frustrating, irrelevant and annoying to us. Another person even strongly advised us “Don’t talk to a Priest!”

When we heard of the Creighton Model from a Priest and that “yes” it applied to our situation, we were relieved and open to it.  And most importantly, we felt supported in something we knew was right to do all along. That support means so much when it seems like no one on earth is on your side.  But we still wondered “Does anyone really use this?” Although we’d heard of NFP and Creighton through our involvement with Respect Life, why hadn’t we heard anyone else talk about actually using it?  Well, there were more people using this than we thought and at our very own parish!  If we only knew sooner, it may have saved us years of suffering over our situation.

Using Creighton was one of the best decisions we ever made for so many reasons.  The biggest reason is that if we had instead been on birth control or used another method like vasectomy or tubal, we wouldn’t have been able to reverse what we were doing so easily when the doctor told us, “It will be fine.” We could have prevented (with a tubal or vasectomy) or even killed (with birth control), the 4
th blessing that God had planned for us.  Our healthy baby boy Joseph Dean was born on  June 9, 2012.  There were absolutely no complications for baby or myself.

Creighton is a win, win no matter how you look at it.  It is the right choice that you will never regret.

~Tricia & Kevin

Endometriosis and Life-changing Care

Working with Diane and Dr. Gramlich at St. Gianna’s Center has been life-changing. The care that I have received has been phenomenal. I finally have found people who get it. Before working with them on my charting and fertility I had gone to three other doctors and learned how to chart in a few different methods, none of which worked for my body due to hormonal issues. Learning how to chart with the Creighton Model has given me the freedom to learn about my body and understand it in a way that is empowering. I know that if I have a daughter I will send her to work with St. Gianna’s Center. They have helped diagnose me with Endometriosis and have been supporting me with supplement recommendations and education as I was trying to balance my hormones and then when my husband and I started to try to conceive. I know I would not be where I am today if not for them. They have saved me the hassle and cost of working with traditional fertility clinics and doctors. Through charting, I have been able to hack my body signs so I could get pregnant faster.  They also recommended that I get surgery due to Endometriosis. After surgery, my periods have been not painful at all and my fertility signs have increased. Although not a life-saving procedure, it was life-saving for me. I am so please with my experience at St. Gianna’s Center. I recommend them to all my friends and highly recommend them to you, especially if you are struggling trying to conceive or know you have endometriosis like I did.

~ Jewelle