As we see 2022 to its finish, we feel compelled to express our unending
gratitude to each and everyone of you! It is because of your ongoing generosity
of prayer and treasure that we can openly embrace 2023. You have promoted
and allowed wondrous opportunities and positive results for so many of our

During 2022, we were honored to bring in 49 new clients to the St. Gianna
Center! We also have many long-term clients who continue to have follow-ups
with us. Some of these clients have been with us for over 20 years!
We are privileged to walk with our clients through the happy and the sad.
Our little Savannah, who was the subject of our November 2021 newsletter,
has finally come home from the hospital! She was born on October 14, 2021.
She was given little to no hope of life on earth. She weighed in at a little more
than a pound. God answered our prayers for this little miracle, and she now
weighs 18 plus pounds and has a smile that could light up the entire universe.

There were two other precious babies who were escorted to their Heavenly
home during 2022. Victoria lived to be 7 months and went to her Heavenly
home without leaving the hospital. Her family is missing her as they heal.
Shortly after her funeral, her siblings asked their Mom when they could have
another baby! On December 29th of 2021, little Ashlyn’s soul returned to Heaven
on the day before she was born on this earth. The grief of these families defies
our mortal words. God is always there to comfort and console us. Ashlyn’s
parents are excitedly awaiting the birth of her sister. She is due to arrive in
March of 2023!

Adding to the good news, we have two brand new Interns! They are so excited
to be doing this work but not nearly as excited as we are to have them under
our wings. We have a total of 7 Interns currently. Two took their final exam in
October and are awaiting the results. We have two who will be taking their
final in February and we have three more who will be attending the Education
Phase II in May! Each of these Interns, is required to have at least 18 clients
before they qualify for the final exam. Giving that some thought, they will have
brought a minimum of 126 new clients into the program!

This all truly boggles my mind! You have no idea of how many people have
been touched by your generosity of prayer and financial donations.
It saddens me to see 2022 end; but the hope that your kindness continually
allows me, takes my breath away for all the good that 2023 can offer.
My goodness, thank you. Our staff and our volunteers thank you. You are,
indeed, powerful in leaving your mark on this world and making it a better place
for unknown numbers of others!

May this be your Happiest New Year, EVER! Until your next one!

God’s greatest blessings on each one of you!